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How i Buy all Videogames i wish for FREE


i want share my personal experience about how i BUY all VIDEOGAMES i WISH for FREE in legal way and approved by STEAM VALVE , also if i’m POOR and can’t afford videogames prices thanks to this feature of steam now i own hundreds of videogames that i buy for free you can see 2 list of videogames that now i own here:
-200 Videogames i BUY for FREE Account 1

32 Videogames i buy for free Account 2

p.s. Extra Note for XBOX FANS & Users:
Right now is possible to do this only on PC and STEAM,because XBOX dont give this feature,i ask to all XBOX bosses many time to add this feature but they never listen or reply to me (so i think they not fucking care),top of that i get attacked from fake xbox community pr biased account with lies\liar reply that try hidden the truth.
So if you want buy all videogames for free with this method (that mean also save 3000 euro or dollars each 50 multiplatform videogames in your wallet\pokets) instead of gift your money like stupid at the XBOX PLAYSTATION or NINTENDO store , you  must to VOTE for who work at xbox add this feature you can vote here:
VOTE NOW FOR Xbox Community Market !–new-ideas/suggestions/32542849-community-market-for-sell-virtual-items
So then you can BUY videogames for FREE also on XBOX.
UNTIL XBOX,PLAYSTATION or NINTENDO don’t add this feature if you is a POOR (like me) i COUNCIL to you to DON’T BUY multiplatform videogames in this consoles store and VICE VERSA follow the method i explain in this page for get all videogames you wish for FREE in the official VALVE STEAM store.

This is how i buy all multiplatform videogames i wish on steam for free

i Download and install STEAM from the official VALVE store page
(is possible to use it with a 300 Dollars or Euro PC , is not true that you need a 2000 euro pc)


i Create my free steam account and get a GAME that give me TRADABLE ITEMS (i will include a list of “VideoGames with tradable items” later in this page).
p.s. Extra Tips: if you create a russia account by use VPN you can get games at much lower steam funds than europe or usa steam store most of time.

After 1 WEEK that i Play this videogames they give me TRADABLE ITEMS (FREE objects or FREE crates)
For example:
PUBG give to me 5000 points (or more) that i can use for get 3 CRATES

I use this point for get the CRATES when they are HIGH VALUE in the official valve steam community market (most of time is when new crates is released,so i council to you to keep your point for get new crates,instead to use it for the old low value crates)
By do this i earn for example $12€ VALVE STEAM FUNDS only by play games same as pubg for 1 week and sell the 3 crates ,and In this way i will always have STEAM FUNDS PROFIT for FREE
Extra note:
$12€ is enought also for get Triple AAA multiplayer games because the fact is the games that in XBOX\PLAYSTATION or NINTENDO store is selled at $69,99€ (incomplete without DLC) or $89,99€ at release date, but MOST OF TIME in STEAM the same videogames will cost you between $20€ and $30€ at the release date (1000-2000 rubles in russian store) so you can easly GET all videogames you wish just with this metod.
TOP OF THAT There is a lot of videogames with price 0,26 / 1,76 Dollars (15-100 rubles) on steam so at the START you can get also a lot of videogames only with the first 3 crates $12€ that you earn in the first week,viceversa in the ultra-expensive xbox playstation and nintendo stores you can’t get NOTHING with this money because they sell videogames multiplatform most of time at $89,99€ (or $69,99€ incomplete version without DLC’S) at release date.

i Use this STEAM Funds for BUY the videogames in the OFFICIAL STEAM VALVE STORE i Download and Play the game and i have fun!


if this page is useful for you or you think is good what i do , please consider to SUPPORT ME or make a DONATiON.

By this way you also support developers and publishers and you respect law.

Extra notes councils for STEAM VIRTUAL ITEMS TO BE CAREFUL :
1)The items or the crates most of time give you LOW VALUE object (For example from dollars euro 0,20 until 5 dollars) so i must play games many hours for reach enough funds for buy triple aaa expensive games (that on steam is selled most of time at 25 dollars,that btw is always cheaper than consoles market that sell it at 60)

2)i never use third party websites for sell my virtual items , they are scammer i just sell the crates or objects that i own in the official steam valve store

3)i Don’t open the crates or lose money or steam funds when i want be 100% sure to always have a stable funds profit

4)i Don’t accept friendship ,don’t EXCHANGE iTEMS and don’t reply on STEAM from people i don’t know,i only use it with my real life friends

5)i Don’t CLICK any link on steam DISCUSSION\CHAT\GROUP ecc. that is not official

Normally i apply the same security also for all famous Consoles stores and online services TOO.

This Tutorial is powered by the STUPID 8 SECOND TRIPPING SNOW MUSIC created by me and my middlefinger to copyright music.


Extra Way 1 to Earn steam FUNDS profits FREE GAMES WITH TRADING CARDS: i Get a FREE game with “Steam Trading Cards” (Check all the offers for get free new games in the menu EXTRA FREE GAMES at for try to get one of it) and then sell the trading cards that the game give to you to the steam community market and you will earn 100% steam funds profit from this.
Extra Way 2 to Earn steam FUNDS profits FREE GAMES WITH TRADING CARDS: isearch in the steam store for videogames that is selled at the lowest price possible
check if the lowest value of theyr Steam Cards that they give
can make me earn more than the price of the game
For example if you buy a game at 0,21 Dollars ,but it give me steam cards for 0,25 dollars
i can make a little steam funds profit by buy it,so i do also this
Especially if is at low price a pack of multiple games that give me a lot of steam cards.

This games have Tradable Items that you can SELL in the official Valve Steam Community Market


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (extra optional only when you can’t play pubg)

H1Z1 (extra optional only when you can’t play the other 2)

Extra Council:
i council to you to buy first PUBG , because in PUBG you have the choise to GET the crate WHEN YOU WANT and you will always be rewarded for your gameplay ability , vice versa H1Z1 and CSGO will reward you “RANDOM” Object , and so i prefer to use PUBG for make PROFIT i council to you to use H1Z1 or CSGO only when PUBG not work (server offline etc.).
(i buy pubg for 12$ and the game give me back 1$ only in 1 week so is easy to get the money you pay for this game back) this is a beautiful game i like it so much and top of that it will give you point also if you is not strong to play (just you try to stay safe\hidden for do top4 and reach 2800 point at week that is enought for get 2 crates)
Then because you can’t “monetize” from PUBG more because the point needed for get crates will double (700\1400\2800 ecc.) i council to you to buy as a second game CSGO (i buy it for Dollars 5)

CSGO will DROP you a RANDOM object with random value (that you can sell in the community market) each 2 LEVEL of experience that you earn just by play the game in competitive maps

The Third game i council to you is H1Z1 this game too will drop you RANDOM object (i buy this game with 1 dollar) i don’t like this game,is like a SHIT version of PUBG with shit graphics,and arcade gameplay , but if you get it for 1 dollar when on sales deals and you use it only as EXTRA when for some reason PUBG or CSGO is not Playable it can make u earn little low value funds too (i make dollars 0,12 only first 2 month i play it)

BTW i repeat,right now PUBG is the best way to make steam fund profit,use the other 2 only as EXTRA when you can’t play pubg.

if you know or find other game that give Tradable Items easy please tell me
and i will add them to this list

The word STEAM is used in this page for Study purpose this word is copyright 2018 by Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Thanks you for read if this page is useful for you or you think is good what i do , please consider to SUPPORT ME or make a DONATiON :

Additional to the Method explain in this page you can find some FREE videogames in this pages sometime: (useful for check PC games prices in steam different regions)

Xbox useful links:

Streaming gaming Services:

Thanks you for read if this page is useful for you or you think is good what i do , please consider to SUPPORT ME or make a DONATiON 

“i buy already a PS4\XBOXONEX\NSWITCH how i do?”
Just sell it because it only make you lose money , with the money you earn from the sale of your console build a PC and follow this method for get free all multiplatform videogames you wish, THEN AFTER when by follow this method you SAVE many money (example 3000 euro\dollarso) don’t worry you can buy all consoles or videogames exclusives you want.

All tell me i need a 1000-2000 euro PC for play i don’t have this money so how i do?
IS not true that you need a dollars 1000 or 2000 euro pc you can build a cheap pc with 300 euro for play PUBG\CSGO\H1Z1 etc. for follow this method without problem,just play with low or medium graphics setting (that by the way most of time is better than consoles).

i can HACK my consoles or CRACK games on PC,why i must lose time do your method?
First i never say you must to do my method,in this page i share my experience and what i think is better for me,if you want to do other way i dont fucking care and is up to you,but i want tell you something about this (also because i has been n1 modder in italy for many years with top result and i know this very well)
Hack and Crack is illegal in many country,this mean put your life in risk with law and have many problems health,Economic too,hack and cracks is also stressful to follow for brain,for storage space,and for many other things,and in some cases also if looks like “FREE” in truth is expensives than get original games for free with my method.
Top of that software for hack or crack is not genuine\original many times is full of shit malware etc. that is used for frauds you or your consoles data, hacked consoles is also boring to update\upgrade and go online and the same for the videogames,and top of that if you is not an expert\modder updates on consoles hacked will make you lose many money too.
So you can buy all videogames you wish for FREE thanks to steam community market,in legal way and by support publishers,developers,top of that they is genuine original,you can play it online,multiplayer and always updated, and support also valve that give you this awesome feature,there is no reason to follow other patch\way especially if they are not confort and not useful and will make you lose more money.
Top of that is also so fucking boring and stress to follow always all hack\crack news release etc. , for sure is better enjoy games that rewards you with steam funds and dedicate your time to original software and enjoy it,is a better life.
By the way i think HACK consoles (in country that agree it by law) is IMPORTANT in some cases for REPAIR consoles that you own for CHEAP and so AVOID expensives nosense repair prices only because a company lock theyr hardware or software with drm\security keys etc. for people can’t repair it,and i think also that hackers and lawyer in all world must to fight for this dirict don’t be removed to poor people,because i think when someone BUY a console or whatever device must to have the dirict to can repair it byself and the company must to provides all the software necessary for do it (unique keys for unlock,software for unlock,drivers etc. too).

So What you think so about consoles? i don’t need buy them?
As i said already,just buy all videogames multiplatform for FREE on STEAM with this method,by do this you save a lot of money (dollars\euro 3000) each 50 games (maybe also + coz i not include DLCS\SEASON PASS) , instead of buy the games at 69,99\89,99 in the xbox playstation or nintendo store and trow your 3000 euro away..

Then with the money that you save and with the 3000 euro in your pocket if you want to buy a 3 consoles and all theyr exclusives,for sure you dont have the problem to do it.

“What you think about XBOX GAME PASS or EA ACCESS?”

There is 1 GOOD and 2 BAD things:
The 1 GOOD (with a lot of IF) is
a) if you is POOR and you don’t have the money for buy a SHORT SINGLEPLAYER campaign videogame (for example battlefield1 etc.)
b) if is a videogame not possible to get on STEAM
c) if the game don’t have extra separate mission\sp campaign buy-content “DLC’S\SEASON” etc.
So for POOR people would be a good deal if  that game would be playable via xbox game pass.
BUT if the game is not SHORT or is also on STEAM or it include separate buy content\season so in my opinion for poor people is not a good deal to use it and so xgp would be unuseful and would be better so get other videogames with my method on steam for free.

“What you think about GAMES WITH GOLD or PS PLUS?”
i dont like it,is not true that you “get the games for free”,you must to continue to pay a NOSENSE annual\monthly subscription for can use it,so you not really GET\OWN the game, you just RENT IT,and also you rent it at so fucking expensive price,top of that when you dont pay the subscription you cant play the games that you get with this services,and if your internet not work too,so why i must use a service so must expensive like this,that also have most of time all old games,when in steam i can get the same games for FREE just by play games on steam,be rewarded with steam funds and maybe get the same games just with 0,26 dollars euro steam funds…
Top of that Multiplayer and Online is FREE on STEAM and STEAM offer so much many features rewards and online,so why the fuck i must pay for a service that copy steam on console? no sense.
Only because console company must to apply expensive drm and all theyr bullshit? up to them i no care… my money,my decision,my deals.

Thanks you for read if this page is useful for you or you think is good what i do , please consider to SUPPORT ME or make a DONATiON


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