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Premised that you don’t need a console same as playstation, Xbox or Nintendo for play free videogames and if you want to do it right now the best and cheap way to do it is a PC and you can build it also with only $260€ and play all games on it for free (and don’t believe all the Videogames news websites and comments that write “you need a 2000€ pc for play” they write this lie because they is corrupted and payd for lie and they work for or is owned by consoles company so they always try to hidden to you the fact that you can build a 260€ pc and play 99% of videogames released all day for free, maybe for some games you must to low the resolution and graphics a little bit but is ok and is the same thing that developers do for ps4 and xboxone because they too are not powerful enought for run all games at 60fps with max graphics and resolution )

and premised that

buy 10 games on consoles = pay $1000€

Buy the same 10 games on pc= pay $250$ or less..

So with consoles you Lose a minimum of $800€ each 10 games, viceversa with a pc you can Save in your pocket a minimum of $800€ each 10 games

SO right now the best deal FOR SAVE MONEY in long terms is a PC and cheap prices is always only and first on PC as you can check here by yourself (write the name of the game, then select region prices, and also if you is resident in usa you can buy from different region like Russia,China,brasil just by using VPN services for example the free operavano for android etc) , because PS STORE and XBOX STORE games is selled on consoles at release date at the fraud price of $100-300 complete, vice versa on STEAM VALVE pc store most of time you can buy it for $25 or less…


This said The Playstation hack community has released an Exploit for Playstation4 firmware 4.05 and if used togheder with other software it can run also Backup free PS4 exclusives or MULTIPLATFORM videogames released for PS4 on FIRMWARE 4.05 or lower , sadly the list of games with problems is more and not all the ps4 games work on this exploit, so before to run to go buy a shit cheap low quality closed and limited hardware-software piece of shit plastic as ps4 is maybe is better to wait and check if the game you want to play is compatible or not,Maybe with time the list of compatible games will grow.

You find all the tutorials and all you need at hack websites community for example htpp:// etc

Note: you can play only singleplayer offline non server-side videogames with this hack, you can’t play games same as Multiplayer or Online on psnetwork (example: destiny1-elitedangerous etc) and also if and when someone in future start to offers a subscription pay-service for play online with hacked consoles I don’t council to you to use it because most of time is a fraud (stealth servers, gtamods, cod mods in the past is used for more frauds), only if and when hackers publish a way to use an hardware “dual nand” system so would be a secure way to play online with hacked users consoles.

For the little I understand this is a temporal-software memory exploit free method that don’t require hardware installation and all people can do byselph for free then can happy enjoy games (and this is good for all because Dont require to buy expensive hw) , is not easy btw find ps4 compatible bundles with that old FW, write a list of them so who is interest on this stuff better get a ps4 bundle 4.05 compatible until they are in the markets, you can see it also in this 2 images

This exploit for now is not permanent, so mean each time you restart the ps4 you must to re-do the exploit procedure


Because in long terms deals and for save money in long period maybe is better pay $150€ or $300€ and buy another hackable ps4 (also if you own one already) but play then some or all the compatible exploit 4.05 or lower ps4/ps3/ps2 exclusives for free, than buy it in the PlayStation store (only for 10 games at $100 you pay $1000,so by invest $300€ in an exploitable ps4 you can save $700€ only on 10 playstation exclusives ).


BECAUSE Today’s videogames market is reach a level of fraud prices that is shit than the big phone/internet company’s (phone company promise internet at low prices at start for example 25euro at month but then after you sign the contract and start use the service they fraud customers by up the price by Autoadd hidden services not requested and make users pay extra money) but I repeat sadly Today’s videogames market is reach a level of fraud prices that is shit than this phone company Right now at release date price of games is from $100 to 300€ for 1 game complete, the method used for frauds videogamers is to sell an incomplete game at $70€ and then sell separated pay-contents for make it be complete (this can be extra missions, estetica, microtransactions, lootbox etc) the excuses big company and publishers use for do this is “we need more money for make beautiful videogames” but this is a lie because there is a lot of little team that with a little budget create beautiful wonderful videogames, Hellblade is just one example of a game can be selled at release date with Honest price ($29) and Complete without fraud extra pay content, and Astroneer is another example of good game selled in honest way.

Vice versa videogames same as D***y AC O***s or S***w Of W** selled at 70$ incomplete and at more than 70$ with deluxe/gold versions complete or semi-complete is a perfect example of how not honest vg industry company start to fraud

The result of this Not Honest Videogames industry that trasform himself in a fraud alliance is that videogamers/consumers/player lose trust in all that is related to who create sell or publish videogames and then this videogames start to hate them and if and when they can find a way to enjoy free games (free offers deals or also hack, crack etc) they for sure will do it, and most of time they do it for NOT support this NOT Honest and FRAUD vg industry is a sort of Protest/Revolution that can be resumed in “you want to fraud me, so I fraud you”, vice versa when a game is selled in an Honest way and with a good price videogamers and community will buy it, and love and also will contribute to support his developers as I say already Hellblade or Astroneer is 2 perfect example.

SO in this case for sure all the people that live with 300$ at month and can’t afford this expensive prices will be so happy and have more fun gaming time thanks to this ps4 hack.


I read and see some people complain about the hack don’t run latest games but I disagree the complain and my point of view is different

First because

80% of the PS4 games in my wishlist, games that I want to own and play is not “new” games but is Remastered games or ps2/ps3 games ported on ps4, this gamed BTW in the PS store is selled at exaggerated not just expensive prices and the other 20% is Ps games already released,so would be fun a lot for me to enjoy this hack, but I think I will wait + for the next exploit wave and hope for a time where the price of ps4 is half than now,until then I have a backlog of 4000 original steam + other old emulators and hacked consoles to enjoy i dont hurry to own an expensive piece of plastic closed limited box with old games and cheap components,cpu, motherboard..

Second because also if my acknowledge about developing or hack is 0 I’m intelligent enough to think that some humans has use 4 years of their life time for give this to us and they do it for free (someone of they sadly also die between this time that make me near cry only to think it).

2) 4 long great awaitness years

Before that we reach to this point 4 years since the release of ps4 is passed, this make me think a lot about how much work and time of their life hackers has need invest for reach this point (sadly some of they die too before to see this 4.05 release but for sure they will watch from paradise with a big smile), also if we don’t have a full hardware hack (rgh-360-like) or recents firmware, we are lucky that we can enjoy 4.05 games and must to thanks all the people that do somet this be possible.

For sure would be awesome to live in a time where hackers do this just 1 week after the release of a new console but most important than that if they build also a network where share the games for all poor people instead of today hackers that viceversa talk about “homebrew” and “not support piracy” but for now this is the scene and we must be happy about it because is better than nothing and for sure I can’t do nothing for help, I’m just a video gamer and the first time that I try only 15 min to learn how hack or develop something I go 48 hour at hospital) .


right now the “BEST” console for multiplatform videogames is not a Playstation but an XBOX (and sadly both have a shit weak cpu 2.3ghz or less that most of time struggle to run Videogames at 60fps), xboxonex in fact run games with better graphics and performance than the ps4pro or ps4, so yes we can get free 4.05 or lower FW games on ps4/ps4pro but they runs with lower graphics and performance than xboxonex. So Would be better if the hack was released for xboxonex instead of for PS4, for play in the best way possible on console, TOP of that ps4 is selled at (for my point of view) at fraud exaggerated expensive price $300€ ca and has a shit and obsolete hardware, with the same money is possible to build a pc that play games much better, do more + things, and has a lot of free games (included new games without the need of a new FW hack) so at this point I’m not sure that for me is a good deal to get a ps4 (also if with this hack and all the free games) for now…we will see if and when I find a ps4 at 150 maybe…

BTW is also true that for more people (me included) is better play with bad graphics but can play… Than own a better powerful console and can’t play nothing because can’t buy the games for it coz they is selled at fraud expensive prices that for some people is impossible to afford.


The first period of hack for Ps3 is always hard-frustrating and annoying to use for me with a lot of bullshit folders naming/patches etc… that is also hard to find in the net I don’t know if ps4 hack would be the same but most of time on PlayStation is like this.. .

Sincerely I has enjoy + the xbox360 rgh hack “easy to use” for the xbox fan (just put the game on USB start the xex and play)

P.s. More time. Ago I find this patch folder I don’t know if can be useful for some hackers.

5)I not die without an XBOX OR PLAYSTATION

Without doubt closed limited shit consoles like ps4, Xbox or switch at day launch has beautiful videogames, but for sure u not die if i don’t own it or can’t play whit 1 console of them and top of that right now 99% of the most beautiful videogames “new release” (FALLOUT, THE WITCHER ETC) most of time is MULTIPLATFORM released also on PC don’t need a Playstation or xbox or Nintendo console for be played because humans right now has already the possibility to build a pc with a cheap dollars $260€ euro and play all the new videogames on PC (just low the res/gfx is ok) also can play new free or drm-free videogames on it, by using legal free offers (I enjoy it too all days see my twitter ) that on PC is a lot (i just get 5 games in 2 day thanks to gog, steam, indie gala, humbledu ble etc) etc or there is a lot of way to earn money with steam for buy games for free on steam (trading cards, steam community market, games as pubg with sell virtual items) or also who don’t disagree it can enjoy billions of cracked wares free Videogames or also can buy games on steam, use virtual machines for finish it for free by stop the time and then ask a refund to steam etc so also without a Playstation or an Xbox hack we can play a lot and we don’t need this closed box for play free (this is also the reason also why rarely i buy a console if first is not hacked).

Top of that consoles can be emulated or in future can offer cloud/streaming theyr exclusives on PC (similar to Netflix, GeForce now, etc just for example some Ps exclusives is already playable on PC with PlayStation now or is also go on steam valve store)

For Pc exist an Emulator called CEMU where you can play zelda breath of the wild for free and the same for ps3 and more other old consoles, don t forget to buy the games if and when you like it and or can afford their prices for support developers and if you can but them new in the official devs store pages is better because buy it “used” not help devs (me too also if enjoy hack and free games for try it always buy the games I like for support them, but I do it only if and when the game is sell at honest price and in honest way, that for me mean for example same as Hellblade 1 price 29$ with only 1 version full of the game, without separated bullshit, vice versa if a game is sell same as destiny, according origin, shadow of war, that for me is not honest and overpriced I will never support publishers, devs that do it, and for me mean I just don’t buy the game at release date and enjoy it free or at 20$ after 1 or 2 years,i own thousands of original videogames that I buy for support dev also if Before I finish the hack/cracked free version.

i will not reply to any topic related in private all I want to say is already in this article.

I not offer services (pay or free) or help/support for this ps4 hack, this is only an article about my personal opinion about the ps4 4.05 hack, I will ignore all private messages or request about this.

If you disagree sharing, hack, crack, or whatever i can enjoy… oh boy don’t worry, you can donate to me 1900 euro just use and don’t worry I will buy all games at release date with all Monetization bullshit of this month for “support” richs publishers etc… Vice versa I don’t care and justbignore whatever other biased disagree because it is mean is coming from liar

Some old hacker (if I not remember wrong, name is something like Aaron swartz or something like this or others hackers too) before to die believe in community sharing for poor people that can’t afford things i think some of today’s hackers in videogames consoles must to think about this, instead of jump in the “copyright” boat and blame vg free sharing and call it “piracy” hidden in the fake “homebrew” moralism…

Top of that 99% of people I KNOW don’t fucking care about homebrew and if want do it not buy a shit console like Xbox or PLAYSTATION FOR DO IT just build a PC that is much better for doing that, so is ok in my opinion if hackers and hack community talk about sharing (or maybe better if build a network sharing free too) for console and is ok that poor people enjoy it for my point of view, is only not ok if who Share the thing share it for money (sadly is how today this work with people share with monetizing links and this happen because today’s hackers never create an official share network free) , but I think if people share and enjoy free gaming is good for all.

BTW For more info or tutorial about ps4 hack please visits or or or websites like this.

P. S. Is nice to see how videogames news official websites (that never talk about hack or censure who do it) biasedmedia big company ass lickers always attack hack hackers consoles mods for Xbox playstation or nintendo also if for repair purpose, homebrew, emulation, new software ability etc but then when after 10/15 years the same things or software is done in official way (backward compatibility that looks likev360rgh,Kodi that looks like xmc,new dashboard with covers done 10 years before on 360rgh etc) they is happy about it and make biased news festival about it…. But when the same things is released 10 or 5 years before by hackers in mode consoles they blame censure ban etc.

Update 30 Dec 2017

Ps scene has released some easy apps for noob people run the exploit in windows 10 and also some FTP, as i say already on Eurasia. Nu pshax and similar websites you will find all the info tutorial and guides.



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