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No Consoles are NOT cheaper than PC and about Fanboysm #XboxoneX #PS4pro #Videogames


1) The common phrase biased is

“you need a 2000 euro pc vice versa ps4pro or xboxonex is only 500€/300€”

FIRST i can build a pc with 260€ 80€cpu,50€gpu,40€mobo etc) and play better than on xboxonex,or ps4pro,for example destiny2 at 1080p or 1440p at 60fps,where viceversa xboxonex or ps4pro cpu disvantages and or “is up to dev” limitation make play it at 30fps.this because games on pc have FULL GRAPHICS MENU SETTINGS so pc users can add,remove,set all graphics they want how they want for reach the best graphics or performance result they want,and this is more important advantage than whatever consoles power,some games on consoles still have a little fake graphics menu too for choose performance/res/enchanced but is not the same is much limited,on pc also if u have a poor performance pc,you can reach greater result than ps4pro or xboxonex in performance also with a 750t 50€ poor gpu and 80€ 3.6ghz cpu.

TOP OF THAT some graphics taste is PERSONAL , maybe some people like ULTRA graphics shadow and vice versa other people like LOW graphics shadow (i like + low coz i can see it better just for example) Maybe some people like Global Dynamic Light in some games and some people no (for example in deus ex mankind divided on PC i disable it because without it the game looks so much better colors,with dynamic light is so much brightnesswithe looks like uncolorful…) so NOT ONLT DISABLE some graphics can make gain PERFORMANCE but top of that i dont see why the fuck a DEVELOPER that for sure has DIFFERENT TASTE THAN ME just because IS NOT ME must to decide WHAT I MUST TO SEE and WHAT HIM THINK IS + BEAUTIFUL FOR ME TO SEE also when for me IS NOT.

So the fact is,videogames taste are personal,for the same reason that xbox and playstation bosses say “you dont need a ps4pro or xboxonex,if you want to play just enjoy gameplay and storytelling you can do it with standard xboxone or ps4” for the same reason so is also true that you can play the same game also with a 260€ pc and you can do it better than with xboxone ps4 and sometime also better than ps4pro or xboxonex,and most of time you can do it on pc or free or in so much cheaper than  with an xbox or playstation.TOP of that some people (like me too) don’t fucking care to play with hdr (especially if this will cost you 2000€ tv for get real hdr with 1000 cd/m luminance nits that is the only way to enjoy the minimun real decent first hdr,and top of that is NOT supported in all games) and dont care to play at 4K too (especially if todays monitors or tv dont have 144hz freesync 1000nits support togheder and cheap price,is a little bit like the 3D Glasses Tv that more people buy and now use not much…)

i think xboxonex is an awesome console i LOVE XboxoneX and write good Review about it finally we have a console that granted to play 30fps stable in all games,with faster loading times,ultra graphics,backward compatibility,xbox game pass and all the others awesome stuff that i mention already in my xboxonex review,i will go to own xboxonex,i will go to buy games for it and play with it and im so fucking happy that microsoft release it,but at the same time i can tell you my 260$ pc can give me the same if not much more happyness and fun with videogames and most of time do it in best freedomness or cheaper way.

Then there is always some fanboys or biasedmedia that say “Eh! but with XBOXONEX or PS4PRO you get ULTRA GRAPHICS with the $260 pc you must play with low graphics,and for ultra graphics on pc you need 200€”.

and this is another think that i disagree and here come the point 2…..

2) THE REAL PRICE OF XBOX OR PLAYSTATION IS $7500 and not 300$ or 500$ for a gamer like me…

if i Buy 100 games on xbox at release date i pay  6900 euro (and i do it already)

if i Buy the same 100 games on steam store at release date i pay $2500€ (same)

so with xbox i lose $4400 only by buy 100 games on release date, (the same for playstation)

when viceversa with a pc and steam i can save that $4400€

So a “$2000pc” with 100 new released games will cost to me $4500€

But an xboxonex with 100 new released games will cost to me $7400€

So also if a PC for ultra graphics will cost me $1000 or $2000 but in 1 year or 2 where i buy 100 games the pc will make me save $4400…. i can say without doubt that is not true for me that pc cost more than consoles and vice versa is consoles cost to me more than pc just because XBOXONEX or PS4PRO and their games at release date is more expensive than a pc with his games at release date.


we must consider alsothat there is a lot of people that already own a 2011 3.6ghz 16gbram pc they just need buy only a decent gpu $300 (for 1440p)/$600(for 4k) and can enjoy all videogames they want better and cheaper than on xbox or playstation,with pc

if i have a 500€ for buy an XBOXONEX or 400€ for buy a PS4PRO mean that im not BORN YESTERDAY,mean that im a MAN that do WORK then earn MONEY and the use it for buy the console.SO if im not born yesterday,and because we are in year 2017 and not in prehidtoric era… for sure i zDont need to buy a new $260€ pc or a new $2000€ pc because for sure that pc i buy it already more than 15 years ago…is really hard to find someone that dont own already a pc… and because 3.6ghz cpu is released already in 2011 (vs the 2.3ghz potatoes low performance cpu of ps4pro and xboxonex) is not true that people or me need buy a new pc.. most of time they just need only upgrade the gpu like buy a gtx10606gb and they are ready for play all games on pc,most of time better than on psz4 pro or xboxonex…

why you say games on steam are cheaper than xbox store?

First Xbox store and ps store is Region lock , already only this make the xbox more expensive than whatever pc,most of time is like this:

buy 1 game on xbox store at release date (or ps store too) = pay $69 

buy the same on steam store at release date = pay 25$ or also less


Because in steam store,you can buy games in different countries (for example Russia,China,Brasil etc) where they are so much cheaper than your country (just make a new steam account with vpn of that country),and you can do this in whatever country you are and the game will go to have also your language 99% of time english etc (just read the description on steam before to buy it)

most of time new games on steam in ruble is 19999rub ($33 ca, or less 25$ too) or less , you can check the prices in websites like .

Just one example,in the moment i write this article Call Of Duty WW2 or other new games release on xbox or ps store without deals is selled at $64 (59,99+9%) the same game on steam (ru) is at 33$,other triple aaa games can be found also at 20$ on steam and vice versa 69,99$ on xbox or ps.

This can’t be done in xbox store,because microsoft region lock the store,so also if you try to buy games in the china or russian store you cant,there is a way to do it with gift cards but it is so fucking frustrating and boring to do , you must to create an account of that country with vpn,you must use third party websites (that can frauds you) to buy gift cards,and then u must rendeem it via vpn , but not all country can do it on xbox store and top of that gift card is selled at 10$ 20€ 50$ etc so if the game cost less you lose money,top of that microsoft limited the creation of accounts for number phone,for ip,for credit card etc so one day will happen that you cant create new account ,cant buy new games etc in this way,and top of that you risk to lose the game that you buy if there was some problem with your account that you cant fix because you then cant contact the xbox support just because you are not in that country…



Top of that xboxone or xboxonex (orps4pro( is LIMITED to the XBOX PS store,so yes you can get FREE games with gold (if you pay and continue to pay $59 1 year subscription ,sometime at $1 at month or discounted at $45 1 year or you LOSE it) and you can enjoy also Xbox Game Pass (100 or more free games at year for only $9 , sometime also $1)
But is not comparable to PC that is much better about deals because PC is NOT LIMITED to the xbox store,you can get FREE games in a major quantity of stores.
Example you can get FREE games on GOG.COM, FREE games on STEAM , FREE games on EA ORIGINS , FREE games on UPLAY and a lot of other stores,each month and sometimes like steam also weekly… this can make a gamer save a lot of other money.
So in FACT PC has access to major quantity of FREE games and STORES.

ALSO Only Biased and Ignorance or Fanboy people can  ignore the fact that in pc cracked free games exist (yes ok it is piracy,is not just,is illegal,mean not support dev etc) but free games cracked exist on pc,so who cant afford price of games can play totally all games free on pc,and then when and if want to support the devs can buy the game after (this is why also some developers and publishers release theyr games FREE on TORRENT or their websites)
Top of that most of time,cracked games is better than the original.
Just 1 example if you buy AC ORIGINS at launch release date on xbox or ps u pay $69 and u will go to miss a lot of missions and contents (that are only in the $99 version of the game)
But if you Download the FREE cracked version of AC ORIGINS not only you play it with $0 but also is a FULL game and have all the contents…


i can repair my pc bluraydrive motherboard pcb if it will broken,by doing this i save money.

i cant do it on xboxone or xboxonex or ps4pro because this consoles has special security that dont enable who buy it to repair it (mobo,soc paired with pcb bluray with secret keys etc) so when it will broken i must to rebuy the entire console by losing another full prices of the console (for example for pc i can repair it with 50€,but if xboxonex or ps4pro broken it i must to pay $300 $500 for rebuy it)

Most of time in a console i must to pay money for things that i dont need.

I dont need a bluraydrive or a kinect, i never watch movie i only want to play and i do it digital (because digital games for me as i say already is cheaper and because also digital games goty/gold are the most complete,just one example i buy zoo tycoon on retail disk,and i cant upgrade it to the full version , vice versa who buy digitak can get the full,this is only 1 example there is a lot of other 99999 games like this) but i must to pay it on the first XBOXONE (kinect) and now in the XBOXONEX too (bluraydrive).


Top of all that,a PC is a PC open platform,so you can do ALL you want with it,use Emulators,Use Free games,Use wathever software,Use andoid emus,manage all files of savefiles,mods,games,delete videos and files languages that u not needs in games for save space, setting the fan speed ,repair itand all you want etc… with a console that is limited closed software you cant do all the things that you do on pc,because on pc you decide what to do and you are not limited,with consoles is the company that sell you the console that decide what you can do (that most of time is just use the store for buy their think) ,you have no freedom,you is a slave of that brand,and you di what sony or microsoft want you so,in a closed enviroment hardware software.

9)is USEFUL to own differente devices for MAXIMIZE their use.
Just some example..
I Love to use my XBOX togheder with my PC for XBOX APP  Streaming when TV is BUSY and play on Monitor,i like to do the SAME with the FIRST IPAD 2011 (i can play with my XBOXONE at BED,just because my PC run the XBOX APP stream the XBOX to PC and then my first IPAD 2011 can connect to the PC by using remote desktop software,so i stay at bed but play with xbox on ipad,and that is possible only because i own a pc,an ipad and an xboxone)
i love to use my 35€ lumia 630 Windows Phone with my xbox (it has broken 80% of the surface screen broken more than 5 years and also if i can repair it with 5$ coz i’m expert about repair i never change it because i can use it so well and so i dont care) because is FAST and useful to use ms authenticator for my xbox accounts and ms apps ,onedrive etc.
i love to use my 50€ android pad too for other many reasons and apps that help me enjoy xbox too etc.

And this is why i think also Xbox Bosses post their photos about their new 1080Ti double GPU PC’S or Bill g say him use an Android phone…

and this i why also Xbox and Playstation boss both own Nintendo Xbox and Playstation consoles and play with it…

So if they are not SLAVES FANBOYS of their OWN BRAND,why someone must to be an hater of other consoles of fanboy of it i dont know… bah…

10) Consoles need MAINTENANCE same as a PC,is don’t true that they dont need it.
I Explain this already in this video:


Consoles like xboxonex or ps4pro for me is not cheaper than pc , and not better than pc too,and for my point of view pc is more cheaper than consoles (most of time the double).

So i totally disagree all this biasedmedias,medias and consoles fanboys that say that pc is expensive than consoles etc (and they looks at my brain,mind like liars , biased or ignorance people,because im intelligent enought to make money calculation and see bymyself that for me is not truth with fact as i show already)

at the same time i disagree also pc fanboys that attack consoles owner for their “weak performance”.
 PC is DYNAMIC the hardware can be upgraded,
vice versa a console is STATIC you get that hardware that in first 2 years is better or pair to pc then will become obsolete\weaker than pc components new gpu etc.
(until we not see modular/upgradable consoles or consoles stop to exist owned by cloud services)
So only a moron or hater can attack consoles owner in this “side/topic” of performance and is not respectful and polite to do it in my opinion.

So what i think:

I Think the best for a videogamer especially if we consider about VIDEOGAMES DEALS MARKET for a final user is not to be a SLAVE of a PC MASTER RACE or of a CONSOLE  FANBOYSM , but the best is to ENJOY and OWN all the differents devices possible that you can (with differents Stores,Os,Hw etc).
Because only like this you can enjoy the most deals and save money,and only like this you have the choose to buy where you want when you want and when is cheaper for you to buy on it.
When xbox release Witcher2 free in gwg im happy to get it,when gog release syberya free on it im happy to get it,when steam give free doom 2016 week gameplay or pubg too,and also PAY me real dollars for play it and sell the steamcards/crates that i get free i would be happy too

Maybe this is hard to understand for medias videogames websites , developers , and who work in the i dustry… just because they get and have all free games they want most of time dont pay it and the other is rich enought to can buy all…

but for poor people like me,that must be careful what game buy,and how,and use deal,is a thing and mean…and sincerely i really hate the region lock buy in xbox and ps store it make me lose a lot of money , only with 100 games i can lose 4000 euro that i can save viceversa on steam,i think this sucks snd mus be fixed from ms first and ps too after.

This say i’m not a PC fanboy or a XBOX fanboy , i own both , play on both and buy on both.

Just the days before that i write this articles i loved to buy this games on xbox store for support developers  (also if i already own it more months before FREE on PC because yes i enjoy also FREE games on PC too and i’m not SHY to say it,and i’m proud to do it).



As you all know i LOVE XboxoneX and write good Review about it. , and i think XboxoneX is a Revolution in consoles if we think we finally have on console 30FPS Stable,Ultra Graphics and Faster Loading Times in all games (some also 4K\60FPS),that with before-consoles is only a DREAM.
And this is why also i’m PROUD to advertising the consoles since first of the launch in my channel with videos like this or many others:

i LOVE xbox so much until to write an article that explain how to NOT BROKEN XBOXONEX by put it in  WRONG PLACE and use it in WRONG WAY.
i buy in the xbox store and own hundreds of videogames on it , is the 60% of videogames that i own , and i think also xboxonex is awesome especially for play at 30fps stable (sometime 60),at ultra graphics and also with better loading times and not only that i love and like also the first xbox,the xbox360, and the xboxone too (i own them all).
i also Repair Thousands of XBOX in italy with more than 4000 100% positive feedback in 15 years,and i create also special mods for it (like this )
But i disagree with fanboys and medias that say XBOXONEX or PS4PRO is cheaper than PC , i don’t say they wrong or is liar,but for my point of view is not,pc is much cheaper than consoles for my point of view, i own all pc and consoles too and like especially to enjoy deals from all of it.


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