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Videogames How much MONEY i EARN with PUBG Player’s Unknow BattleGrounds



PUBG (Coming also to XBOXONE , XBOXONES and XBOXONEX in 12 December 2017 and DON’T Forget to read my XBOXONEX review or i will pubg-camper in your ass. )
is a game that when play (on steam) give to me 2 CRATES at Week (ca)
The game will give points for play,and with this points you can get the crates,the prices of crates will double each u buy,first crate is 700 point,second crate is 1400 point etc,but because i’m not a Strong\Professional player , and top of that i’m also the Worst \Unlucky Player in the World (LOL) i cant get more than 2 crates at week coz i’m very Weak\Noob to Play LOL but anyway i still earn some Euros

You can SELL this crates and get from 0,10 Euro Cents to 0,50 Euro Cents
Or You can try the lucky and open this crates for find Rare items that give you + money (But all time i open it,for now,i never find nothing,only i find items give me 0,01 Cents,so for now not seems to me a good deal to open it)

Now i HATE ALL Multiplayer Videogames and i never play it, (and personally i think they is the CANCER of VG industry because they in my opinion KILL SP beautiful videogames,i miss so much games on XBOX360 that in my opinion is + beautiful storytelling than games in PS4PRO or whatever XBOXONEX power console,never will forget Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts , Kameo and beautiful games like this)

BUT because i’m POOR and i can’t BUY videogames on STEAM (or also on XBOX)

I Play this game PUBG for earn LITTLE MONEY and then use that for buy little INDIE games (that is selled at 85Rub) in the STEAM store.

(Anyway the game is good gameplay,you will fly with paracadute from a plane to an island and you must to survive vs other 100 player,you can find weapon,armor etc. in the island,can use COVERS object for protect yourself and also vehicles,game also give first and third camera i love this)

The strategy i use right now (because as i say already i’m the worst player in the world and all kill me LOL ) is to ESCAPE or CAMPER or HIDDEN ME (LOL) and try to not FIGHT with other people for go at TOP 30 / TOP 10 and make + POINTS.
I Like do this because it not STRESS me to much to play (hahaha) because normally i dont play MP game because they stress me, i like to play only SinglePlayer especially SLOW\STEALTH games, i don’t like so much action.

So… Maybe i dont become RICH with PUBG but i’m happy that PUBG give me little money for play and i like how the LOOTS Market work in PUBG and can give little money to Players only for play ^_^
i Normally HATE Loots in videogames,but if they are like in PUBG that give money to the player i like it is a nice idea i think.
in this post i will go UPDATE how much money i EARN with PUBG.

i Buy PUBG in 20 September 2017 for 899 Ruble ( 13.03 Euro)
This is the list of things i sell in the steam market,ordered from the first to the last and how much i earn , sorry if sometime is Ruble and sometime is Euro,is because i change region my account based on better deals period or region lock lang games.


00,23 EUR – 20 October 17 – Beanie
00,52 EUR – 22 October 17 – Survivor Crate
01,11 RUB – 25 October 17 – Working Boots
24,12 RUB – 25 October 17 – Wandered Crate
01,36 RUB – 25 October 17 – Combat Pants Blue
01,75 RUB – 07 Novemb 17 – Cargo Pants Blue
01,05 RUB – 07 Novemb 17 – Long Sleeved T-Shirt Light Blue
01,05 RUB – 07 Novemb 17 – Combat Pants Blue
01,06 RUB – 07 Novemb 17 – Vintage Baseball Hat (White)
01,45 RUB – 07 Novemb 17 – Combat Pants (camo)
24,42 RUB – 07 Novemb 17 – Wandered Crate


i EARN in total for now 1,85 Euro ca. / USD 2.16  (00,75 Euro + 56,25 Ruble)

i Will update this list in the next Months each Tuesday

So maybe i DON’T become RICH to “make money” with PUBG until now,
but i can say i’m very HAPPY that the game give me real MONEY.
i pay PUBG only 12,25 Euro thanks to the 1,85 Euro i earn in the game ,
it’s not bad coz i like PUBG so much and i pay it only 12,25 ^_^

i try also the game RUST but i don’t like it because it not give me possibility to make POINTS\MONEY sure at 100% , same i start the game always die or if i logout never get points…  so with RUST i never make points or money on it, vice versa PUBG give it to me real , i try also DOTA2 because i see more people make money with it,but i dont like it so i can’t play,it’s not my “CUP OF GAME” i don’t like RTS etc..

if you know other videogames that is FPS or THIRD PERSON that give money to player like PUBG please tell it to me i’m happy to buy and play it for sure , you can contact me on twitter or

Right now i know only PUBG , when i have the money i want try to buy also CounterStrike because i see in the steam market it have also for sell items so maybe it give same PUBG? i dont know… 

Would be nice if MORE GAMES will give to player LOOTS SELL market like this for EARN money by play,and would be nice if this SELL CRATES one day will come to XBOX too.

i will update this article in future with my EARNS and will add it to the list.

You can see my PUBG Gameplay by bisit
in the LIVESTREAM playlist when i Stream i always send at Tweet at Good Gaming ^_^

The best my result for now is TOP 5 , i never can do TOP 1 coz i’m very NOOB to play lol i’m not professional player , but i’m happy about my TOP 5 with RUN,ESCAPE and CAMPERING more than play or fight LOL 😀



Some nice clip from my Gameplay:


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