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This article include my opinion (that is 100% independent) about the new XboxoneX and PS4pro,here you can read GOOD THINGS and BAD THINGS about both consoles.
Before i start my article about the “NEW” XBOXONEX i want to make a premise.


The DIFFERENCE between a game run on XBOXONEX and the same game run on PS4PRO is NIGHT and DAY… XBOXONEX totally DESTROY in graphics terms & performance the PS4PRO most of time in all the multiplatforms videogames.

The STRONG POWER of XBOXONEX is especially in DETAILS\TEXTURES\GRAPHICS EFFECTS because videogames in XBOXONEX will go to look so much BETTER GRAPHICS than PS4PRO,XBOXONE or PS4.
This is possible because XBOXONEX has 9GB of VRAM to dedicated to the Very High GFX Settings Assets\Textures and also for add Graphics effects like Fog,Smoke,Reflections,Light&Shadows etc.
PS4PRO in my opinion has no sense to exist,because the 5,5GB of VRAM that the console have it’s not enough for have better graphics in videogames,so most of time you will go to see the same Textures  and graphics in the PS4 and XBOXONE standard,yes PS4PRO can up a little bit the frame rate and can up a little bit the resolution but this 2 thinks it’s unuseful without the right amount of VRAM for put the Ultra\Very High Graphics Textures\Assets etc.
PS4PRO it’s just like a fraud,is just for take your money without “if” and without “but” buy it for what … better wait PS5 or get a standard PS4…

SO on XBOXONEX most of time games will run better than PS4PRO:
XBOXONEX run games at Very High Setting GFX
PS4PRO run games at High\Medium Setting

Framerates and Resolution most of time will be better on XBOXONEX
XBOXONEX memory quantity and bandwidth is MORE than PS4PRO,GPU has a LITTLE MORE Tflops than PS4PRO,and CPU run at upper clock speed too… and XBOXONEX has more other advantages Tech Hardware Software that PS4PRO miss  so it’s inevitable that videogames will go to run better on XBOXONEX.
Just one example in this video:

But also if i confirm this, i totally disagree the product XBOXONEX and PS4PRO and i’m totally disgusted about it,first because they are expensive and second because it’s shit that consoles market start to use “upgraded” version of  consoles.
The FIRST standard PS4 and the FIRST standard XBOXONE has more + RESPECT from me because in my opinion they have more + reason to exist than PS4PRO and XBOXONEX i totally disagree this “UPGRADE EXPENSIVES” consoles in consoles market (i can’t afford it).

With 90% of Probability the NEW Playstation 5 and the real new Xbox will be released in the Next 1 or 2 year , when the ps4 and xboxone will become full hacked or exaggerate obsolete hw,PLAYSTATION 5 and the new XBOX will go to give you most of time REAL 4K GAMING at 60FPS .
(Hope with a 3.60Ghz CPU , right now xboxonex and ps4pro is limited by weak cpu 2.3ghz or lower)

The CPU of PS4PRO and XBOXONEX is the same WEAK cpu architecture of the PS4\XBOXONE standard (2.3Ghz or low) really OBSOLETE and OLD CPU if compared with today’s 3.6GHZ CPU on PC (that can reach also 6Ghz with extreme OC).
Devs are working already on NEW games for PS5 and the next XBOX.

Right now XBOXONEX is the best console for play
– Multiplatform Videogames
– Microsoft\Xbox Exclusives
-Best Videogames with Physics or innovative Gameplay
Right now there is no console in the market that can give best Graphics (Resolution,Effects etc.) FrameRate and Loading Times than XBOXONEX and also all the Services,Features etc. that only XBOXONE give right now (i will list this later… xbox game pass,ea access,backward compatibility,xbox play anywhere,virtualization,instant resume etc….)

XBOXONEX is able to run the majority of  today’s games start from a minimum of 1440P 30FPS Ultra\High Graphics without problems until the Native 4K Resolution .

XBOXONEX offer BETTER resolution than the standard XBOXONE and PS4 or PS4PRO and this (together with better textures,antialiasing,gfx effects etc.) will go to give overall better image QUALITY.
As you can see in the video below also in QUANTUM BREAK that is the “WORST case scenario” we can find in XBOXONEX , but also if is the WORST it looks so much BETTER than the XBOXONE version.


Video games can have better DETAILS and GRAPHICS EFFECTS,but for this happen is necessary to put (
BIG SIZE contents) in the GRAPHICS MEMORY.
Total Graphycs Memory to dedicate at this is:

in PS4PRO 5.5GB  (5GB + 512mb)
So because XBOXONEX has 3.5GB more than PS4PRO it’s normal some videogames can have BETTER Graphics Effects or Details on XBOXONEX if compared with PS4PRO , it’s not because of MIRACLE,or MAGIC or because XBOXONEX it’s a “MONSTER” or “THE MOST POWERFUL” of nothing… it’s just because Microsoft add a little bit + Memory than the PS4PRO.Easy as it is…

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is a PERFECT example of how dev can add better graphics effects thanks to the bigger size and bandwidth of the memory you can see how the XBOXONEX version has better HAIR (left ps4pro, right xboxonex)  
Or ADD Air Condensation in lara mouth (Up PS4PRO,Down XBOXONEX) or better DETAILS see this video:

Other Example of graphics enhancement can be add also better Physics Smoke

So XBOXONEX most of times will go to give BETTER Graphics Effects than PS4PRO or precedent consoles also in Distance of View , Reflections , Day and Night Simulation , Weather Simulation , Light and Shadows , Draw Distance etc.
For other my GFX video examples check this link in future use  this links: 
XboxoneX vs Xboxone
XboxoneX vs PS4PRO

XBOXONEX has also 326GB/s Memory Bandwidth Vs the 218GB/s of the PS4PRO
That is BETTER for output all this Better Textures\Graphics to your TV

Another ADVANTAGE of the additional memory is When and if games will NOT be PATCHED they ANYWAY will go to automatically use the additional memory for INSTANT improvements (Better Anti Aliasing,Anisotropic Filter, Better Loading Times because this memory can be used like a virtual hard disk ,Better texture filtering and smoother frame-rates etc.) with all the Xbox360,Xbox and Xboxone games.

Globally the Performance,Resolution and Graphics on XBOXONEX will go to be BETTER than the PS4PRO version because of the MEMORY power of XBOXONEX more than for the additional GPU\CPU better power .

XBOXONEX has 12GB, 3 for the OS , 9GB For the Videogames , 4GB More than PS4PRO that is A LOT in a CONSOLE market in this months i write this article if in the right hands can make a big difference then in graphics details and effects.


Reason For Jump from PS4PRO or XBOXONE to XBOXONEX:

-Play at NATIVE 4K , TRUE4K when supported
Play at 30FPS Stable or 60FPS when Supported

Better ULTRA Graphics ( Effects , Textures Etc.) just some examples:
( Hair , Smoke – 2 , Details,Resolution & Textures ,etc. XOX vs XO and XOX vs PS4PRO)

BETTER RESOLUTION Also if you don’t have a 4K TV you can enjoy 1080P or UP Resolution Downsample to 1080P (with XOX Enanched Games) this mean your games looks better (Less aliasing etc., Example: yes ok 4K Checkboard at 30FPS it’s SHIT if compared with 4K NATIVE 60FPS NATIVE,but 4K 30FPS Checkboard is better than 1080P 30FPS for sure…


Forza Motorsport 7 is 4K NATIVE 60FPS so if you are a FAN of this game,or if you play only this game,or if you want enjoy for the first time a RACING GAME at 4K NATIVE 60FPS on consoles it is a good reason too for get XBOXONEX

Play the Microsoft Xbox Exclusives and Backward Compatibility games in the best way right now possible on XBOX.

Forced 16x Anisotropic Filter

-Forced v-sync


-4K UHD Blu Ray 

Xbox One X Non-enhanced game will do the following on Xbox One X
-Leverage the extra and plentiful GDDR5 RAM to improve load times
-Brute forcing performance to reach target frame rate
-Brute forcing performance to reach target resolution in dynamic resolution scenarios

XBOXONEX have DX12 Advantages (but for know about this please refer to the RED write “XBOXONEX SCORPIO ENGINE SOC and COMMAND PROCESSORS DX12_1 ADVANTAGES” ) in this page.

XBOXONEX CPU has performance optimizations memory latency improvements of the main memory controllers,rearranged and enlarged the translation lookaside buffer cache and introduced redesigned and larger Page Descriptor Cache all this translate in performance BOOST (30% or more than xboxone)

XBOXONEX it’s WINDOWS10 PC UWP brother developer Don’t need to do “NEW WORK” for make XBOXONEX get this Graphics Enhancement , they need only get what they do already for the PC version of the game and PUSH IT to your Console via a PATCH (So your XBOXONEX download the 4K Textures and Graphics and you will have BETTER games than the PS4PRO)

XBOX GAME PASS (100 old games + some new at 9€ month) (You SAVE MONEY)
VirtualMachine Videogames Execution (Your console Don’t Crash\Freeze if the game crash)
CLOSED SECURE SYSTEM (until you don’t hack it)

PS4,PS4PRO and SWITCH is NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE you must to RE-BUY the “PS4VERSIONGAME” or PLAY it in Streaming Services like Playstation NOW etc. by pay expensive.

XBOX PLAY ANYWHERE (You SAVE MONEY) (buy 1 copy of the game and play it on WINDOWS10 or XBOX)
XBOX APP on WINDOWS10 (that is really awesome and useful)
3D AVATAR (Sadly the Avatar items is a Microtransaction BULLSHIT… i hope MS fix it with Create & Share FREE Editor for all)
DirectX 12 Optimization and High Compatibility
Best Innovative Update & Features (Sadly this is not good for hack so if you want to hack in future,buy 2 console and make 1 STAY OFFLINE always…)
BEST Stability Software Upgrade
PIX (Performance Investigator Xbox) tool for DEV
Keyboard and Mouse Support coming for RTS etc.
Microsoft & Windows 10 Stuff


in XBOXONE\S\X All the Games and APP run in a separated VIRTUAL MACHINE , so when the crash\Freeze happen it not affect the main OS or CONSOLE and you don’t need restart the XBOXONE\S\X console you just restart only the GAME or APP.
When a game CRASH in PS4\PS4PRO you must to TURN OFF the PS4 and RESTART IT,and this require a lot of time is BORING and FRUSTRATING to do.
Note: i leak find also the virtual app path also see THIS VIDEO.

Example Your brother or friends own Sea Of Thieves , KillerInstinct in PC STEAM or WINDOWS10 or Minecraft in Nintendo Switch , but you have one of this game in XBOXONE – S – X You can PLAY with they without need to BUY another PC\CONSOLE and without need to BUY a SECOND copy of the game.
Right now only PS4-PS4PRO is HOSTILE to CROSS-PLAY for Lucrative Monetization Business Reason (They want stolen money to you by forcing you to buy the console also if you DON’T need it for play games that your friend own in that platform)
Mean players from different platform\store for example STEAM,NINTENDO,WINDOWS etc. can play a multiplayer game together.
The reason is the company make the console is MICROSOFT and Microsoft OWN also the OS WINDOWS (now WINDOWS 10) software that is one of the most common OS software used in Desktop Gaming PC (most used also for run STEAM “Rival MS Store”).
p.s 1 until LINUX or other SW in future one day (maybe) will beat WINDOWS,or until CLOUD services one day maybe give GAMING to people without require an OS (For Example you PLUG an android USB PEN on whatever device,connect to a website, and you play with a 1000Ghz CPU and 1000 Tflops + Unlimited Memory via CLOUD\STREAMING and that day you don0t need an OS or a Console).
p.s. 2 i don’t care btw because i play only Single Player Campaign and most of time if i can do it OFFLINE i will do.

XBOXONE (ALL) in future Support gaming with MOUSE and KEYBOARD (up to dev)

XBOXONEX have BETTER LOADING TIMES (and in some time ELIMINATE it too) in videogames
if compared with PS4PRO this is thanks to the better MEMORY quantity and bandwidth inside the XBOXONEX.

XBOXONE (ALL) have the best PHYSICS in video games (just  see the videos example in this article bottom about the physics in Sea Of Thieves,Sunset Overdrive,Quantum Break etc.)


First because XBOXONE GAME PASS will give you 1000€ Videogames at 9€ at month.
So also if you Buy a PS4 or PS4PRO only because maybe is 200$ Cheaper than an XBOX and you think you make a GOOD DEAL it is NOT coz after you LOSE 1000$ for buy games that maybe are FREE in the XBOX GAME PASS at only 9€ at month…

Second for XBOX PLAY ANYWHERE games that enable you to play games like RECORE,GEARS OF WAR 4,QUANTUM BREAK etc. on both XBOX and PC

Third because BACKWARD compatibility with XBOX360 and XBOX it’s FREE and you can play via HARDWARE viceversa on PS4PRO or PS4 you must to RE-BUY the GAMES and play it via STREAMING.

You can learn some TECH things about XBOXONEX in this video
Anyway for the little that i understand,XBoxoneX system have some advantages about DX12 that can make GAMES run with better performance than other consoles or old PC without vega gpu.
DirectX 12 hardware component can help CPU tasks lik draw calls.
Processing draw calls generally is heavy for CPU but with XBOXONEX If developers offload it to the GPU’s Compute Units then the CPU can be used for physics, AI, data compression and decompression etc.

Because Microsoft implement DX12 inside the COMMAND PROCESSORS (CP’S) 
CP’S are like extra CPU´s in a System , so XBOXONEX not only have a CPU but also have this extra dedicated CPU´s.
When a GAME need to use the API DX12 Stuff in an OLD PC or OTHER consoles it need use CPU for make calculation and this is very HEAVY for the CPU to DO it and then the PERFORMANCE FRAMERATE will LOW.
But in XBOXONEX this can be done by the CP’S (command processors) without need to STRESS the CPU,so the PERFORMANCE\FRAMERATES on XBOXONEX games can be BETTER than other consoles or old PC with NON VEGA GPU.
XBOXONEX also support DX12 at 12_1 Level that give to XBOXONEX some advantages if compared with OLD GPU\CONSOLES that support DX12 at DX11 or DX12_0 level (Conservative Rasterization Tier 1, Rasterizer Ordered Views etc..)

The SCENE right now is for my point of view:

XBOXONEX  that is the BEST console (Right now until the next xbox is released) for play Multiplatform Games ,for people that DONT like the PC (or for rich people that can have both)

XBOXONE and PS4 for who don’t care performance fps or graphics and want a cheaper way to play ps4\xbox games or dont like the pc.

NINTENDO SWITCH that is the best console mobile right now and also the best for play Nintendo Exclusives Games but is NOT GOOD for play Multiplatform (if COMPARED with xboxonex)


-GPU 6 Tflops (VS PS4 2Tflops, PS4PRO 4Tflops)
-40 CU 1172 MHZ (PS4PRO 911 Mhz)
-CPU 2.3ghz (PS4 1.6 / PS4 PRO 2.1)
-4K Native Support (Not all games “up to dev”)
-60 FPS Support (Not all games “up to dev”)**
-FREESYNC 2 over HDMI 2.1 *
-Awesome XBOX app on Windows10
-HDR-10 4K ENABLED HDR is Supported also in 4K (Viceversa with PS4 or XBOXONES is supported only at 1080P)
– 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive similar to the Seagate FireCuda *
-MeMoryBandwitch 326Gbps (PS4PRO 218)
-BUS 386-Bit (PS4PRO 256-bit)
-The Scorpio Engine is the world’s most powerful console gaming processor in 2017-2018 Market
-4K 60FPS Video Record (Streaming 720P\1080P for now maybe 4K in future)
-60% Faster Loading times than Xboxone
-4K UHD BLURAY (PS4 PRO only Bluray)
-DevKit Mode
-Hovis Metod To maximize performance and minimize power consumption, Xbox One X uses the hovis method, a cutting edge digital power delivery system that custom tunes each console’s voltage. -Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos DTS:X
-Loading Time 50% More faster than first XBOXONE
-DTS 5.1 DOLBY Digital 5.1 TrueHD with Atmos PCM 2.0, 5.1, 7.1
-Bluethoot + Wifi + IR Blaster
-3 USB 3.0
-HDMI 2.1 support well be added LATER Official confirmed by Mike Barra.
-1 HDMI 1.4b in
-1 HDMI 2.0b out
-1 Ethernet
-1 Ottic Digital audio S/PDIF
-1 IR Out
-All that power doesn’t mean more heat and noise. Xbox One X uses advanced vapor chamber and the supercharger-style centrifugal fan to ensure it stays cool.
-3D Avatars
-XBOXLIVE The Best Multiplayer Console Service in the world
-BEST Fallout MODS Community&Support
-Dedicated Servers Better Gameplay Performance Online Less Lags,Disconnection,Offline etc.
-XBOX GAME PASS (Pay only 9$ can play 100 RENT games in the XGP catalog!!! , same Netflix with movies)
-PLAYANYWHERE (Buy and Pay only 1 COPY of the GAME DIGITAL and you get 2 COPY! one copy for Windows10 and another for Xbox and you can play it on Both PC WINDOWS10 or XBOX!!!)
-VIRTUALIZATION: Games will run on VIRTUALIZED WINDOWS so if a game CRASH you can RESTART it in 3-10 seconds without you need to full-RESTART your console (in PS4 all the PS4 crash)
-FREE Cloud Saves for VideoGames (You don’t need pay PSPLUS like on PS4)
-EA Access Play all the EA access in the EA VAULT for FREE ea rent service and have discount on new EA games purchase
-Best CROSS-PLAY Multiplayer Support between different consoles brand and os for example Xbox-Nintendo-Windows10 etc.
-XBOXONEX “Scorpio Engine” Is a SoC System On Chip it include a CPU a GPU and memory controllers all in 1 chip also when and if in my article i talk about GPU or CPU or MEMORY i’m refer to this,i will know that xboxonex don’t have separated gpu\cpu\memory like a pc but has it inside the soc and or mobo.



XBOXONEX Enanched Games List:

Videogames that runs BETTER on XboXoneX than PS4pro

12143220_876370009126127_1051959822393636809_n (1)

Official Updates about XBOXONEX you can follow:
/////////////////////////////////////////////// The Direct X Box Officia Twittazzzz The Most Powerful Eve Guy The Xboxlive Guy The Soft*UUUUUare Guy *w The Marketing Guy it BATMAN!
RareLtd The Marvelous Fun Happynes Games Guys

The OFFICIAL Xbox One X Description is here:

If you want to know a little bit + about XBOXONEX Inside Tech Follow this:

XBOXONEX vs PS4 comparision
  you can watch this:

Vg Tech

Xbox One X Enanched Games List:



This article is write by Davide Spagocci Videogamer Player,

Wrong English Language will NOT be Correct .

-Another article from DF confirm what i say about the vram more months ago


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