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#Videogames Single Player Campaign Killed by MP Monetization games BUT now Still Re-Born…

In  the last 5 years (ca),  Single Player Campaign Storytelling in VIDEOGAMES Is missing because developers and publisher start to make\sell gams only based in  Multiplayer Only\Esport\Online and Monetization games  (example games like Titanfall 1 , Destiny SHIT FRAUD GAME , Evolve, Paragon, Overwatch, The Division etc.)
The reason why Developers and Publishers choise this way is because the single player campaign its expensive to do (70% of the budget most of time) and also require + time\work and originality for release the game.
Viceversa is easy and fast to make a game only gameplay with no storytelling sp campaign (expecially if then it is full of monetizations season pass dlc’s etc.)

BUT recently in the start of 2017 year seems that the videogames industry start to understand that is not a good idea to “kill the Single Player campaign storytelling for MP\ESPORT\MONETIZATIONS games” in theyr videogames because the Players\videogamers get hurts by this and start to release bad votes\reviews of games without SP campaign,for example if you release a videogame that can get vote of 90 maybe only because you not put the SP campaign get 70… so now vg industry start to understand this,another problem is that in the latest 15 years this videogames without SP it’s a “NEW THINK” so videogamers buy it,but now games like this start to GROW in QUANTITY (see paragon,overwatch,paladins,lawbreakers,Destiny SHIT FRAUD GAME,evolve,thedivision etc.) and videogamers start to don’t buy videogames that not include singleplayer campaign storytelling (and i’m one of they),this is why we see recently sequel like Titanfall 2 that include awesome and beautiful single player campaign that help to get good votes and reviews and sales too.

Also videogamers start to learn and react to monetizations and season, dlc’s legal frauds.


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