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#Videogames How to Avoid \ hack MEGA.NZ Limits for download and storage for your free Videogames if you have a VPN

There is nice website for pc games download net 😉
That give you possibility to download games from MEGA.NZ for free
The problem is MEGA.NZ hav 50GB Limits storage and 5GB Limit for download viceversa you need buy\pay money for + storage\download.
In this article i will tell you how you can avoid this problem without pay nothing if you own already a vpn service .

Create a MEGA.NZ account
When you click in a MEGA.NZ link for download
Ignore Download Megasync and Browser button
And click on import in my cloud drive

File will go to be added to your account cloud space INSTANTLY without you need download nothing (that is good also for if your SOURCE will be CLOSED you dont lose what u want download 😀 )

you have 50GB space,if you need + just make + account,note all your login\pass and recovery keys and split the file that u want download… or just STOP yourselph to add when less than 50GB and download it before the 50GB then delete the files and add the others… (i prefer to use multiple accounts)

-Now Select 1 files u want download,right click and choise Standard Download
-(PLEASE IGNORE THE FACT THAT IN THE IMAGE THERE IS MULTIPLE FILE,YOU Don’t select multiple files like in the image,you select\add at download queque only 1 file of they at time)


The file now will be added to your download queque and start to download
(Please IGNORE the facts that in the image is 2 file,you need add only 1 FILE or the tricks not work)
The problem is
if you download aready a file of 5GB before stop your download and ask you for pay money or wait 5h
(but most of time also if u wait 5h you cant continue download too ) like this:

So at this point you are so fucking sad and frustrate because you don’t have money for buy the game…you buy already 50€ at month for your internet,50€ at year for your xboxlive,and maybe you have 0 euro in your bank because your govern don’t give to you reddits citizen european\work ,or you are in war country  or whatever…

But Noooot Woooorry,be haaaaaaaaappyyy ^_^
There is always Hackers and Groups of people that fight for poor people can enjoy thinks for free (the same that rich people enjoy by buy it)

so For Fix this u can do that:
You don’t like that shit popup windows right?
So easy if you don’t like a think just IGNORE IT so Click the “X” in the up right of the windows popup that ask you pay money and close that shit windows.

Now you have a page like this
Your download is STUCK and don’t proceed,your file is DAM at half size download already (or maybe more or less than that) and you can’t fucking resume it..
Another time.. Don’t woorry Be happy ^_^ go next..

Go in your VPN app ,Remember what server you are connected now and Disconnect from your actual server


Connect to another server that is DIFFERENT country from the precedent for example if before you is connect to germany select switzerland or russia or usa etc. etc. but not another time germany


Now back to the page where your download file is stuck
Right click it and select PAUSE
Right click it another time and select RESUME
Now your file will continue to download until finish ! ^_^

if it not RESUME is ok noooot wooorry and be happy! ^_^
Back to your account cloud storage,by click the Cloud icon
add the file to the download queque
download the 5gb file without problem.

REPEAT this operation each time that you want download a 5GB file until you  reach your 50GB 10GB or 1000GB Free Games Size.

Good Download and Good Play ! ^_^

PROBLEM 1 (sometime happen very rare)
If Mega.NZ tell you,your HTML5 App\Browser finish local storage just delete the file in this folder:
C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\File System\XXX\X\XXX
The XXX\X\XXX can be like 000\p\00 or other numbers they changing each time you download something so just surf\explore the folder and then delete the file inside.

If  you like my guide and want support me feel free to donate me an Xbox Gift Card Code or Playstation Gift Card Code or some $/€ via at my email you can find it HERE or if you is italian you can donate me € via postepay (ask in private my contact is HERE ).

If you like the game don’t forget to buy the original videogames from the original store if you have like it for support the developers (like always i do  too when i can).


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