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#Videogames Tomorrow #15YearsofXbox 💚🎮 Gameon #xbox #xbox360 #xboxone ^_^

#Videogames Tomorrow #15YearsofXbox 💚🎮 Gameon #xbox #xbox360 #xboxone ^_^

In my opinion Xbox is the best console ( with the best Features,hardware,software,service See )
I Never forget the awesome graphics of the first xbox and the first time i play Halo Combat Evolved and the 3D dashboard blow my mind away,also i hav like so much Breakdown,Jade Empire,Conker,Fable,Shenmue II ,Gunvalkyrie,Splinter Cell,Blinx,Ghost Recon2 then also on 360 Kameo and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts make me Crazy (i dont fucking care about all the morons that talk about “ex rare,is not the banjo sequel etc” and blablabla is an awesome game and i love it really original and fun build veichles and also awesome graphics effects for the time  on Xbox360,also i hav like so much Fable,Gow,Lost Odyssey and manymore and in my opinion Xbox360 is also the best console with the best hack RGH of the 7° Generation  console, also i love Xboxone and i dedicate to she this video

and have awesome experience with it see my videogames gameplay at

My Preferite Xboxone games is Recore,Quantum Break,Sunset Overdrive,Ryse Son of Rome,Ori and the Blind Forest,Halo the master Chief Collection,Halo5,Max and the curse of Brotherhood,Rare Replay.
Also i can’t wait for Crackdown ,Sea Of thieves,Cup Head and many others (see list ) i wish to play also Gow4 but no mmonney lol if you want you can donate it to me see

Anyway i like some PS4\WIIU\PC games too (see list)

And i think will be awesome if one day Sony and Nintendo make games for Xbox without we need buy 2 extra consoles 😛



p.s. Blame myselph for forget to mention The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay .


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