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Recore 9/10 [Review] [Recensione]Wonderful and WonderFUN


RECORE 9\10 (Wonderful or WonderFUN ?)
Recore is a Wonderful and Superfun game Windows10 and Xboxone Exclusive

Recore really make i crazy happy i LOVE this game remember me when i excited to play the first halo or metroid on gc or other amazing game like Kameo elements of the power ,another world,mgs twin snakes  (list games i like here -> )
p.s. I Buy this game with my money,so this is 100% indipendent review (i do work repair\build electronics).

Some of my gameplay video about Recore

This  is some thinks i like about RECORE for XBOXONE and WINDOWS10:

Freedom of exploration and size altitudine of levels it’s awesome
With Seth on rails

Just Exploration

More is The Levels\Environments that is so Big and Explorable ,and i’m really impressed about this, it’s incredible in more place.

Robots Friends

Seth its a little bit like a spider with turrets,can shoot enemy with energy shoot and missiles,and can run fast attach to rail it’s awesome.

Duncan is the bad gorillaz guy him can help you FREE your way by broken huge thinks,him can also melee attack punch enemy and make heartquake fire circle propagation

Mack is Dog robot really so cute and lovely can discovery hidden thinks under sand and attack enemyes with Thunderbolt electric dash

FL1R is a flying robot
Animation of FL1R it’s really so funny and make i laugh a lot as you can see here

With FL1R you can skydiving in the air like this

just by push X after double jump

With FL1R you can also make a wind jump by using Wind Current Conduct

FL1R don’t have his own CORE\SPIRITS
But you can INSERT the core of Mack (Thunder) or Duncan (Fire) or Seth (Destabilizing Energy) on FL1R

so This will go to change how FL1R can attack the enemy.
CORE of MACK (thunder) on FL1R him will be able to SHOOT the enemy with Blue Electric LASER attack like this

CORE of DUNCAN (Fire) on FL1r (Circle of fire implosion attack)

(There is also other robots friend i will add they when finish the review still on editing right now not finish)

“Double Jump and Dash” you need to use this for reach many place,so is a game about player ability to use this for reach places,and this is really fun for me,this is an example of double jump and dash,where you can see also the funny Mack friend

Some EXTRA Adrenalinic Sub-levels that is really fun,where you need to Capture 1 “Gold Sphere”,Shoot some hidden object (Fly switch cube) and avoid object or kill enemyes with TIME countdown,this is a little bit hard at start but more enjoyable after you try it 2-3 time because is like a “memory game” + “Ability game”

i like the FREEDOM this game hav not only about exploration but also about how attack
enemy,you fight in realtime and you is able to attack the enemy from where you want (or avoid the enemy attack too).

There are enemyes with different color for example blue,yellow,red etc. and if you use the right color gun attack and also use the right robot friend you make + damage viceversa you make less,you can change the gun\friend without need open a menu just with the D-PAD for gun and LB for robot friend.
Enemyes hav also different type of attack special moves (Fire Dash\Thunder Ray\Reflect Schield ecc.)

When you fight an enemy You can decide to DESTROY the enemy for GET MATERIALS
for build modify your robots friends Just attack it normal until destroy it then go back to the base for build it (you need to find recipes paper with ingredients needed for build robots parts during your exploration in lots crates etc.)

you can EXTRACT theyr CORE SPHERE like this

for LEVEL UP the power of Attack (red core)\Defend(Yellow core) or Recharge Speed for use Special Ability Attack(Blue core) of your robot friend.

The Extraction of the core is so fun is  a little bit like a FINAL MOVES or FATALITY of Mortal Kombat mixed with a Fishing games ….
You can extract the core ONLY when the energy of enemy get low and More enemy hav Harmor that need be BROKEN before that you can low his energy.
So pratically you attack the enemy with shoot and robot friend,broken his armor,then re-attack the enemy for make his energy low and when you reach the core extraction point in the energy bar you can push the RIGHT ANALOGIC STICK for START the extraction core sequence.
When you GRAPPLE the CORE with a CORD,and you need to PULL the RIGHT STICK DOWN for make the core reach to you,BUT when the cord is overheated you need to STOP until is COLD and back to PULL this is fun too.

You can attack the enemy also with your robot friend by pushing Y and each of your robot friends hav different special attacks (Thunderbolt Dash,Energy Shoot,Fire Circle Propagation etc.)

THE GRAPHICS IS AWESOME and also there is more arts\lovely thinks this is just some example

Sun Rays,Light,Dust,Camera Dirty effects,Reflection

Realtime Sand Deformantion (Rally Drifting! hahaha)

Sand Smoke Effects

Dirty Foggy Camera Effects

Some crates loot you need to find the way to get it also by using hidden or nonactive enviroments this is really fun

Like you need use gameplay ability jump\double jump\dash ecc. for reach different places

Xboxone S Recore

will add other VIDEO at

As you can see in this my gameplay video the LOADING TIME is ok

From 24 seconds to 1-2 minutes like all other games.
The game only load when you go inside “dungeons” or “Base”,loading times (expecially in games fast like this ) is useful for HEALTH EYES and also hav more Tips & Tricks Council\Notes screen when loading.
So i never hav problems or be frustrated by loading time like other biasedmedia fake review say.

I Play this game on XBOXONE for long time 2 day and 8 hour before write this review and i never hav issue crash or freeze,artifact.
The game run really so fast and fluid and PERFECT and is awesome graphics,FREEDOM altitudine exploration too.
I Play it also on an economic PC (windows10\750ti 2gb\i72600k\40€ asus mobo\16gb ddr3 ram\ssd) at ULTRA setting and i never hav problem too (driver updated and clear\original os and software etc.).

I Really totally disagree the bad review FAKE on Metacritic from the international Ponyes anti-ms biasedmedia,this fake review remember me the same happen about banjo kazooie nuts and bolts that is another awsome game that i love so fun,original,buildable thinks and awesome graphics and color but that biasemedia attack.

Anyway if any patch is released in future for better thinks you will know by here:

The Recore story is good and immersive for me,it’s included Computer Graphics video,and also the game hav perfect localization audio (i hav try the italian is perfect) and more notes text that support the story like a book.

The game is also so much FAST\FLUID i cant believe how much is fast this game really awesome with that big enviroments and altitudine

i hope to see more games like this in future for Xbox or Windows.

I’m really HAPPY and PROUD to play RECORE it’s an incredible and wonderful adventure experience.

MY VOTE IS 9\10 i can’t ask more than this to developer with RECORE they give to me already all i want for be happy,awesome game.


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